The general timeframe and routinely provided by cataract eye doctors

The condition in which our eye lens is clear, becomes cloudy. It happens when the protein content which is there in the eye lens, clumps up together. The cataract condition does not happen in one go, but develops slowly with time, and is commonly seen in elderly people. This condition can only be cured with the help of surgery and not oral medicines. Thus, to treat this and make our cloudy lenses clear, one needs to visit cataract eye doctors.

Points to remember in case of cataract surgery

Before going with any type of activity or exercise, the patients must consult with the doctor and do as suggested. Every patient and their conditions are different. And thus, proper consultation and recommendation are very important in the overall treatment process as well as after the surgery healing process.

  • After week one of the surgery, one must only go with low impact-full activities. It generally includes walking, a gentle treadmill, and a bit of stretching, that too without bending the waistline. It is recommended to avoid lifting or bending, including groceries and laundry items. It is because it can increase the pressure in your eyes and interfere in the healing process.
  • After week 2 of surgery, the level of low impact increases to medium impact, including activities like jogging, yoga, brisk walking, a bit of slow dancing, and light impacted Zumba.
  • By coming to the fourth and sixth week of the surgery, the patient’s body is ready to resume all of its day-to-day activities, as well as, can indulge in intense physical exercises like weightlifting, swimming, running, and intense cycling.

The exact time frame in which one can resume all of its day-to-day activities generally differs from one person to another. Thus, the patient should always follow their respective doctor’s instructions. One must always remember to go through consultation sessions with their cataract eye doctors to test their level of improvement and take proper advice about what to do from time to time. Following the above, one can have a faster recovery process and improved overall health.