Waxing sugar paste: what you need to know if you are considering using it

For some time now, a different hair removal technique from traditional waxing has arrived from the Middle East: sugar paste wax .

It is a natural compound based on water, sugar and lemon , plus other variations, to be used without the strips spa franchise opportunities in Florida.

In words it might seem like a simple and quick remedy, but in fact it requires different practice both to prepare it correctly, and to apply it and remove it in the right way.

In this article, we want to tell you everything you should know if you are considering using this tear-off method, including contraindications and better alternatives.

Waxing sugar paste: that’s what it is.

Sugar paste waxing (also called sugaring or other names) has become famous due to its delicacy compared to hot waxing or other methods of tear-off hair removal.

Although we are often talking about it only now, it is not an innovative hair removal method such as laser hair removal , but it has very ancient roots. In fact, it is said that sugar paste wax is one of the first hair removal methods ever , and that it was even used by Cleopatra. But how does epilation with sugar paste wax work?

First of all it is necessary to prepare a sort of malleable “paste”, by cooking water, lemon juice, sugar (the refined white one), and in some cases it is also advisable to add honey (with soothing power).

However, the recipes are not all the same, and in some of the ingredients you may even find salt. By cooking all these ingredients, you should obtain an amber-colored mixture , given by the caramelization of the sugar.

Once the mixture is ready, it should be allowed to cool, then spread it on the hair with your hands and proceed with tearing.

The advantages of this product are above all some:

the cost of making the product is very low;

the paste sticks to the hair and not to the skin, and therefore is more delicate and less painful than traditional waxes;

due to its delicacy it is said that it could also be used every week .

So it is a natural, ecological and delicate hair removal method.