All You Need To Know About Turinabol Is Here

Turinabol is a anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is a 4-chloro-substituted derivative of methandienone. It is an oral drug.

History Of Turinabol

CDMT was the first original product of Jenapharm, a German Company. It was made in 1961. The idea of combining the structures of 4-chlorostone(clostebol) and methandienone originated with chemist famously known in the world made turanabol. At that time, this represented a unique dissociation of anabolic from androgenic effects after oral administration. The product was introduced for clinical use in 1965 and remained in use until the year 1994 when production was discontinued.

In Popular Culture

CDMT was the key steroid administered to approximately ten thousand East German athletes as part of a secret doping program, often without their knowing the nature of the “vitamins” they were forced to take without understanding the side effects. The program remained in place from about 1968 until the collapse of the German Democratic Republic in Europe in 1989. In the 1990s, scientists examined GDR archives to elucidate the expansive scope of this operation, which had resulted in numerous medal wins and world-record performances.



Following the allegations, the drug for widespread doping of Turinabol through the spectrometric method made many allegations and its use due to long-lasting metabolites for the players it was observed the players were able to play for a longer time and were able to make some moves which more abnormal related to other normal players to do they got some big medals through this like gold in the game leading to extreme allegations in 2012 in Olympic games.

So it is not good for using such stuff as games should be played fairly rather than for the purpose of winning or other sorts of reasons. So this is a controversy at that time and even nowadays it can be used by some players for stamina probably due to its characteristics they may not be using in-game but in practice, it might come.