Ryan Kaji “Ryan’s World” Is Still YouTube’s Youngest Millionaire

YouTube is currently one of the platforms that help individuals make money by creating content and uploading videos. For a lot of people, YouTube is the website where they are able to find themselves. They get to explore and do things that they love. And for a kid, all they ever think about are their toys. As of 2020 reports, Ryan Kaji, 10, earned $29.5 million and is still the youngest and highest-paid YouTuber.

How Ryan’s World Started

Ryan Kaji from Texas started his YouTube account almost 6 years ago. Since then his 1,906 uploaded videos earned a total of more than 44 million views in that span of time. Something that is not easily achieved by other YouTube influencers. Since 2015, his account ‘Ryan’s World” now has 28.3 million subscribers.  And this young YouTuber is showing no signs of stopping!

The influence to start uploading videos for this ‘child influencer’ started after he watched a toy review channel and asked his mother why he is not on YouTube like all the other kids. Since then, his career spiralled towards success. And aside from Ryan’s World, his family is now running nine YouTube channels.

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His most popular video to date is “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge” that earned more than 2 billion views. And this is one of the top 60 most-viewed videos on this platform. Both kids and adults alike love Ryan Kaji. His consistent uploads and well-loved content will surely continue to make him the youngest highest-paid YouTube influencer until someone younger comes along. But for sure, that is unlikely because it takes years to build a huge following and earn the trust of viewers from all across the globe. And for Ryan, he takes this success in stride.

The Future for Ryan Kaji

As long as there is a new toy to unbox, Ryan is going to continue creating videos for his followers. This boy has made nearly $30 million in just one year from ‘unboxing’ and reviewing toys and games from his channel “Ryan’s World.” This does not include the estimated $200 million earnings from his branded toys and clothing merchandise. Not only that, but Ryan also signed a multimillion-dollar deal for his television series on Nickolodeon.

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