11th Hour Web Series Review

Getting bored of watching movies all the time? You must know that the introduction of web series has shifted the audience from film to series. You can enjoy a storyline with a surprising number of events and twists break down into episodes that you can watch anytime. OTT platforms are the best place to get the latest web series. For Telugu film lovers, the aha app is the best platform to check Telugu webseries online. One of the latest recommended web series of this platform is:

11th Hour 

This film is a crime thriller web series in the Telugu language based on the life of a rich businesswoman who comes on the verge of liquidation of her assets and tries to resolve this issue over a night. This web series is inspired by 8 hours, a book written by UpendraNamburi in 2017. The series was released on 8 April 2021 at the online platform Aha after its delay since January. The series consists of a single season with eight episodes. Each episode has a running time of 19-34 minutes on the screen. The entire series is written and produced by Pradeep Uppalapati under his production company Introupe Online. The series is being exquisitely directed by Praveen Sattaru, a well-known Indo-American filmmaker in the Telugu industry. With exquisite cinematography by Mukesh G and high-quality editing by DharmendraKarkala, the series won the heart of its fan and crime thriller-loving audience.

The web series starred the most famous celebrity of the South film industry Tamannah as its lead character Aratrika Reddy. Some of the other casts of the series are AdithArun as Peter D Cruz, Vamsi Krishna as Siddharth Singh, Roshni Prakash as Ragini, Shatru as RajvardhanRathore, Madhusudhan Rao as Madhusudhan Reddy, Jayaprakash as Jagannath Reddy, PavithraLokesh as Gayatri Reddy, AnirudhBalaji as Prince Sadiq, and many more. Going for the synopsis of its plot:

The storyline of the web series is based on a night that will decide the fate of Aratrika in Hyderabad. Aratrika Reddy is the chairman of the renowned Aditya Group of Companies. She is a generous woman who dreams off and works intending to provide safe, efficient, and clean power with the help of the latest AHNR technology to every corner of India at an affordable price. Meanwhile, a political threat and conspiracy from the Central level weakened her dreams by putting her company on the verge of liquidation. Aratrika and her Shareholders were penalized and asked to pay a large sum of Rs 9000 crores to the Imperial bank by tomorrow 8 AM. Getting anxious about the repayment method, Aratrika got many helping hands. Her ex-husband Siddharth, Bank Head Sundar, a Dubai Sheikh Prince Saddiq, business rivals, and a few more offered millions personally to save her company. To the amazement of the viewers, Aratriks rejects their offer and waits for a surprise event or some miracle to happen that will keep their company from liquidation.

Will her miracle ever work? Does she have some other plan on her mind? To know more, you must check many webseries on the aha app. Enjoy the thrill of the series in every episode.

Telugu movie virus review

Nothing can even come closer to binge-watch movies online on weekends. Besides, there isn’t much to do these days due to the covid-19 restrictions. Theatres, however, have become operational with limited seating capacity. Still, it won’t be a commendable thing to go and watch a movie in theatre as the persisting risk of you getting infected in a movie theatre is soaring high. But to your upliftment, OTT platforms like Aha bring the theatre to your home. Tons of quality shows and movies in numerous different genres will give you more than what you need to be entertained during the lockdown. Super-affordable membership plans and mesmerizing content on Aha will make you an instant fan of this unique OTT platform.  Captivating Telugu cinema gems like Krack, Shylock, Petromax, Aame, Khaidi, Nipah Virus are all available on Aha, making it an excellent platform to watch thriller movies online. Having mentioned Nipah Virus here, it will definitely not be an overstatement to call the movie a visual masterpiece.

Intricate direction, impeccable production, cognate music, and flawless acting make Nipah Virus an unbeatable Telugu thriller. Aashiq Abu has directed the movie to perfection. Rima Kallingal and Aashiq Abu co-produced movie is nothing less than an impeccably executed masterpiece. The movie does not involve a larger than life portrayal of any character. Yet the flawless performance of all the actors, including  ParvathyThiruvothu, as DrAnnu, Tovino Thomas as Paul V. Abraham, Rima Kallingal as Sr. Akhila, Revathi as C.K. Prameela, and LukmanLukku as DrSajith, make the movie a compelling artwork that you cannot afford to miss. The sensational music by SushinShyam and profound cinematography by Rajeev Ravi and Shyju Khalid ensure that the movie keeps you hooked until the very end.

This Telugu dubbed Malayali movie is a must-watch for every Telugu moviegoer. The awe-inspiring story of the Nipah Virus follows the tragic Nipah Virus outbreak in Kozhikode, Kerala. From identifying the first patient to confiscating the disease, the movie depicts the pandemic’s screeching reality. The movie is an emotional roller coaster that lets you witness the trouble, trauma, and destruction Nipah Virus brought with it. Not just that, the movie also pays tribute to the real heroes of this pandemic and puts a high emphasis on the endurance and fighting spirit of Kerala’s cultural values.

Aha accommodates various gems like Nipah Virus and give you the reasons to watch movies online without having to compromise with your safety out in a theatre amidst the potential covid-19 risks. Not only they bring prominent and popular Telugu shows and movies to you, but they also offer it at exceptionally nominal pricing. They house tons of Telugu/ Telugu dubbed content in different genres, including kids, action, comedy, crime, drama, romance, and thriller. You might need to distance yourself from the people these days, but you will never have to budge even an inch away from the Telugu entertainment with Aha.

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Telugu web series you cannot afford to miss

Web series was not a part of entertainment until the arrival of OTT platforms. The OTT platforms have movies along with the web series to entertain you. They have their original web series released on the respective platform. Many OTT platforms have a list of web series to provide you entertainment right from your place. Web series has made way in the field of entertainment. Different genres of web series can be found on the OTT platforms. One such thriller web series  onlinestreaming on aha is Locked, starring Satya Dev. It is a Telugu web series you really can’t afford to miss and let’s see how it is on aha app.

Plot: The story starts with Dr.Anand (Satya Dev), a neurosurgeon, and is very popular for handling patients and giving successful results in all the cases he deals with. In the series, he is even researching medical science, and to perform his research, he chooses a unique way. One fine day he is called back from the hospital to operate a child despite having long working hours because he is good in his profession. He lives alone in his mansion with his books and tools and a pet cat, Tyson. The doctor seems to be an expert due to his memory module, able to perform surgeries with a hundred percent success rate with the research he uses to do. After returning home from the hospital, he is attacked by two ladies Vaishnavi (SamyuktaHornadu) and Padmini (Sri Lakhsmi), in his house. Things become more confusing when Misbah (Keshav Deepak) and cop Sivlingam (InturiVasu) also enter the house. One more suspicious man was there around Avinash (AbhiramVerma), who seemed to know much more than he was behaving. A series of events take place, and a revealing truth about Anand comes out. What is that truth, and how does it affect the other people in the house making the story locked?

Director Pradeep Kumar Deva has made a really good web series. The thing which impresses the series is the mood of the series. He has kept an eye on every minute detail. The lead characters and the supporting actors have also done a fabulous job in the series, making it worth watching for those who love thriller genre web series.

Overall, Locked is a web series that has a mesmerizing premise. Satyadev’s crazy performance and many other exciting characters make things engaging for the thriller genre lovers. The start of the series is slow, but once it enters the main story, the series becomes a decent watch and keeps you enthralled in the entire series.

Watch Locked series on aha and make your lockdown happen. You can watch web series online as per your genre and relish them whenever you want to. Just get your aha app and stream your choice of web series and movies just a fingertip away.

This movie about how robbery can do in high technology

KanullamKanullamDocheyeanta is a south Indian romantic drama film written and directed by Design Periyasamy. It is one of the most creative movies new age cinema has offered. The protagonists of the film are the con artists who are truly professional at what they do. The characterization shown in this movie about how robbery can do in high technology will just blow your mind. There are many recent movies on aha ott.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Dulquer Salmaan

Actress: Ritu Varma

Other actors: Rakshan, NiranjaniAhathian

Director: DesinghPeriyasamy

Art Director: R K Umasankar

Based: KFC Entertainment

Producer: Anto Joseph, Viacom 18 Studios

Music: Masala Coffee

Cinematography: K. M. Bhaskaran

Editing: Praveen Anthony

Story By: DesinghPeriyasamy

Other information:

Runtime: 162 minutes

Release date: 28 February 2020

Genre: Romantic, Heist, Comedy

Box Office: 50 crores

This movie about how robbery can do in high technology


Siddarth and KaliswaranMoorthy are two best friends grown up as orphans in Chennai city. They both are freelancers who work for money and spend it to enjoy their time in parties with girls. Then Siddharth falls for Meera, a beautician. As he prolongs with her, his friend Kaliswaran falls for her friend Shreya who was forced out of her home due to some personal problems. They all were totally in love with each other and wanted to live a happy life. Then Siddharth comes up with a plan to settle in Goa by starting a restaurant. As middle-class girls, they tell it’s a dream for them to have such a life and all proceeds to stand on that plan but money is the only issue. There the background starts to reveal that Siddarth and his friend are not freelancers as told but infringers. They do online scams with their smart brains and make money. Siddarth plans on doing a scam again to make enough money to settle with their loved ones in goa. As planned, they go there and the next day, while they wake up, Meera and her friend with all the money they bought will be gone and police tell them that both the girls are con artists. This just blows their mind and with all the emotion and being cheated, they go on a journey to find them. The story will just become more beautiful than what is expected.

Technical Asset:

  • It is a beautiful storyline! The twist in the first half ending is so mind-blowing and we can give 100/100 for the storyline.
  • Script is crazy as hell! You can never expect what is going to happen next and the prediction game is always on in this movie.
  • Music is so good it’s a complete additional add on to the movie! You can dance, sing and get along with the songs.
    • Locations! Even though it’s a very small budget movie, it doesn’t seem like they compromised on any of these factors.

Artist Performance:

  • My God! Dulquer Salmaan is the happiness to the eye! He is the charm of the entire movie.
  • Ritu Varma is a beauty! She killed her role.
  • Rakshan, his comedy timing is so on point! Very impressive.
  • NiranjaniAhathian performed well in the supporting role!

Watch KanulanuKanulanuDhochayante movie online anytime! Watch out for sure this recent movie which blows your mind.