Telugu movie virus review

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Intricate direction, impeccable production, cognate music, and flawless acting make Nipah Virus an unbeatable Telugu thriller. Aashiq Abu has directed the movie to perfection. Rima Kallingal and Aashiq Abu co-produced movie is nothing less than an impeccably executed masterpiece. The movie does not involve a larger than life portrayal of any character. Yet the flawless performance of all the actors, including  ParvathyThiruvothu, as DrAnnu, Tovino Thomas as Paul V. Abraham, Rima Kallingal as Sr. Akhila, Revathi as C.K. Prameela, and LukmanLukku as DrSajith, make the movie a compelling artwork that you cannot afford to miss. The sensational music by SushinShyam and profound cinematography by Rajeev Ravi and Shyju Khalid ensure that the movie keeps you hooked until the very end.

This Telugu dubbed Malayali movie is a must-watch for every Telugu moviegoer. The awe-inspiring story of the Nipah Virus follows the tragic Nipah Virus outbreak in Kozhikode, Kerala. From identifying the first patient to confiscating the disease, the movie depicts the pandemic’s screeching reality. The movie is an emotional roller coaster that lets you witness the trouble, trauma, and destruction Nipah Virus brought with it. Not just that, the movie also pays tribute to the real heroes of this pandemic and puts a high emphasis on the endurance and fighting spirit of Kerala’s cultural values.

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